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Crypto Arbitrage trading system for scanning, analyzing, developing strategies and trading by statistical arbitrage in cryptocurrency markets.

Wall Index supports 8 major exchanges

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Find the best trade and arbitrage opportunities using Wall-Index’s powerful algorithm and real-time data exploration tools


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Deposit funds in your arbismart wallet.


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The Wall Index Guarantee

Trading volume in arbitrage

Considering trading volume while calculating arbitrage helps to find the maximum profit and removes all the junk arbitrages

An unparalleled opportunity

Wall Index rates are many times better than even the most competitive exchanges

Air-tight security

Guaranteed safety of funds with powerful security and risk management protocols​

A world of choice

Support for a wide selection of currency options for deposit and withdrawal

Set Investment Limit

Tell us the amount you want to invest and we will show arbitrages accordingly

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Never miss an opportunity even when you are away as we send the alerts on telegram and on your browser

Exploiting Market Inefficiencies With Wall Index

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