Paper Trading

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The easiest way to practice trading cryptocurrencies.

With a Papertrading account, you can trade on Cryptohopper without owning any cryptocurrencies or an exchange account. You can learn to be a professional trader without taking any risks and test out new strategies before implementing them on your exchange hopper With the Papertrading platform, traders are able to get into the market with minimal risk and experience all that crypto investing has to offer.

Paper trading deposits

5 minute set up unlimited use.

To test out your trading strategy before risking real money, paper trading on Wall Index is the perfect solution. Paper trading allows you to simulation trades without ever needing to spend any of your own funds – and it’s free! Simply create an account with a deposit of up to $100k in any cryptocurrency that you want, and get started experimenting right away.


Real time chart data

This is an excellent opportunity for traders who want to keep their hands in the game without having to risk too much. The experience of trading stocks on Papertrading is a great way to stay involved with your portfolio and monitor its progress without putting too many of your own eggs at risk.

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